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Strategies for domain authority

Strategies and Techniques for Increase Website Domain Authority


To Increase the domain authority of website to 35 days in one month. Increasing domain authority of a website is long term process that might take 45 to 60 days may be even more.

To increase domain authority a lot of ground work has to be done in the first phase like cross checking the Meta Descriptions,Meta Keywords, permalinks, Keyword Density and H1 tags.

First Days 1-7 Process:

First and second week is totally dedicated to On Page Optimization. In this we have to find pages with Missing and duplicate Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords in such way that they are fully optimized.

Next Days 8-14 Process:

Even Second Week is dedicated top On Page Optimization in this week we have to find the week points to the of our website like pages with low quality content and pages with not well optimized Permalinks and H1 Tags H2 Tags Image Alt Tags etc.

Remaining Days 15-28 Process:

Third and fourth Week is totally dedicated to Off Page Optimization. In this week we have to concentrate on the Google crawl errors like (404 Error and page not found errors). And In this week we will test speed of our websites on different platforms Like Desktop, Mobiles and Tablets and even on different Browsers like Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera and even on different Resolutions of Screens.

Last Days 29-42 Process:

4th and 5th week is totally dedicated to link building through blogging and Guest Blogging and Article Submission and Article Marketing and Blog Commenting .These are most effective ways to get high authority back links but this might take time. Because guest is one of the toughest part all of SEO So this final sage might 3 to 4 weeks to complete

Above said are the four different stages in increasing domain authority and the time is given for this stages may take more than

what is mentioned above because we have to complete our daily tasks apart from just Increasing domain authority of our website so this might take more time than what is mentioned above.

As per above Mentioned Startegies are Used for Increasing website traffic within one Month this process is completely follow the white hat SEO techniques and gives best results after 2-3 Months.

Domain Authority Strategies for SEO Analyst

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Introduction about Exception Handling

Friends Anyone Knows the Full Explanation About Exception Handling.Why it came's how it can be useful in Programming Development and what are the problems we are having through Exception.Below I place The Answers for these Questions.

Updated Exception Handling In Java

Exception Handling

Q)What is Exception?

Exception is an abnormal condition.
In java, exception is an event that disrupts the normal flow of the program.
public class MyException
public static void main(String[] args)
System.out.println( "Finally" );

Use Of Exception Handling

The core advantage of exception handling is to maintain the normal flow of the application.
Exception normally disrupts the normal flow of the application that is why we use exception 
handling. Let's take a scenario:
statement6;/*exception occurs at statement 6*/
Suppose there is 11 statements in your program and there occurs an exception at statement 6, rest of the code will not be executed i.e. statement 6 to 11 will not run. If we perform exception handling, rest of the statement will be executed. That is why we use exception handling in java.
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Best Explanation about Exception Handling In Java

By kandi kasi ratnamma

Good Morning Wishes With Flowers

Good Morning wishes we are saying wishes in different formats either using text message or image with text message or video format. Every day say good morning wish for your friend , brother,sister,colleague, and relatives etc .

Good Morning wish for best friend
 Wish Good morning for sister
Good Morning Wish for Brother

Good Morning wish With quotation
Good Morning quote best
good Morning Whishes for friend
Good Morning wish with bucket flowers
coffee With Good Morning wish
Good Morning smile
Good morning Flower Quote

Good Morning Wish
Good morning wish with glass

Lover says Good Morning Quote

Good Morning withing water

How to Say Pleasent Good Morning Wishes to Others

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Today we learning about How to Create Gmail Account Some one feels I know how to create Gmail Account this article not for these peoples it can be placed for Gmail beginners. Here I place Step By Step Process to create Gmail Account and give detailed explanation on video.

Gmail Acount

What is Gmail: An electronic mail from Google is called Gmail (Google mail).

Step By Step procedure for create Gmail

  • First go to the browser. 
  • Here we are seen create an account 
  • Sometimes you get the error while the user name already exists 
  • So try to place new one 
  • Place strong password 
  • In password use numbers, chars, and special symbols like Sowmya@123 
  • Place your current email address that will help to backup your Gmail when it in trouble if don't have no problem place your phone number that will gets notifications and some Gmail alerts. 
  • After completing filling details 
  • Click on Next step button 
  • You are agree for Google terms and policies select agree button 
  • After click on Agree button Google verifies your phone number for authentication purpose. 
  • It checks the phone number valid or not 
  • You given number is valid you get the verification code 
  • Place the verification code and click on Continue. 
  • Getting correct it will open the Gmail otherwise not open. 
  • So finally you are account is ready to use 

Updated Gmail Account Creation for beginers in 2017

By Rathna Reddy
Keywords are the heart of any programming language they play main role in developing friends first we have to concentrate on java keywords and how many keywords are there in java and what are the keywords and how they work.When and where we can use these keywords properly in our java language.
Keywords in Java

Keywords in Java

Hi friends, Anyone know the count of keywords in java? and also how these keywords work? and when it can be applicable properly in developing program?.I think some one knows and some ones don't know. That's why we are look our blog! no problem, who are want java keywords for these peoples i place keywords in proper manner and also give best explanation about these keywords.

  1. Abstract
  2. Assert
  3. Boolean
  4. Break
  5. Byte
  6. Case
  7. Catch
  8. char
  9. class
  10. const
  11. default
  12. do
  13. double
  14. else
  15. enum
  16. extends
  17. final
  18. finally
  19. float
  20. for
  21. goto
  22. if
  23. implements
  24. import
  25. instanceof
  26. int
  27. interface
  28. long
  29. native
  30. new
  31. package
  32. private
  33. protected
  34. public
  35. return
  36. short
  37. static
  38. strictfp
  39. super
  40. switch
  41. synchronized
  42. this
  43. throw
  44. throws
  45. transient
  46. try
  47. void
  48. volatile
  49. while
  50. continue 
Here I shared total 50 keywords but all of you don't know about following words
  1. True 
  2. False 
  3. Null
These above 3 true,false&null called pre-defined literals these 3 are not a keywords in java.
In java, one keyword is not used in java that keyword is Goto.This keyword is not used in java because by using this we can get a pointers concept in java its so difficulty that's why we are not used in java .Oracle also deprecated Goto keyword from java.
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Updated Keywords in Java And Usage Of Java Keywords

By kandi kasi ratnamma