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About Pawar Start Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan familiar with the word Power Star Pawan Kalyan but his original name Konidela Kalyan Babu, he is the brother of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. Now Pawan Kalyan is the No.1 hero in Tollywood. Pawan Kalyan born in 2 September 1971 and as an actor started his career in 1996.Here we are placing complete details of Pawan Kalyan movies starting movie to present movies and his journey in Telugu film industry and How Pawan Kalyan face the problems for reaching no.1 position in Tollywood.
Many of us think Pawan Kalyan getting this fans following only because of his family background but it's not true the real fact he is a reel hero as well as real hero that's why he get this much popularity. 
I seen many of them their kind heart permit only for saying kindly words but practically its not working. Pawan Kalyan completely reverse to those guys.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Movie List

*****Pawan Kalyan First Movie***** 

1. Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi:

Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi Movie Releases in 1996 and this his debut film in Tollywood. Through this film his enter into Tollywood. In first film his get the Telugu peoples hearts.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Director:E.V.V. Satyanarayana
Music Director: Koti
Producer:Allu Aravind
*****Pawan Kalyan Second Film*****

2. Gokulamlo Seetha:

Gokulamlo Seetha Released in 1997.All songs are musical hits.
Hero :Pawan Kalyan
Heroin: Raasi
Director:Muthyala Subbaiah
Music Director:Koti
Producer:G.V.G. Raju
*****Pawan Kalyan Third Film*****


Suswagatham Film also released in the year 1997.In this film all songs are musical hits and his character very inspirational to all lovers.
Hero :Pawan Kalyan
Heroin: Devayani
Director:Bheemineni Sreenivasa Rao
Music Director:SA. Rajkumar
Producer:R.B. Choudary
*****Pawan Kalyan Fourth Film*****

4.Tholi Prema:

Tholi Prema Movie Released in 1999.Before Tholi Prema his do 3 films but his get the more popularity through this film only.It is the biggest block blaster in his career and musically so good.In this popular one is heroin keerthi reddy introduction.
Hero :Pawan Kalyan
Heroin:Keerthi Reddy
Music Director:Deva
Producer:GVG Raju
*****Pawan Kalyan Fifth Film*****


Thammudu movie released in the year 1999.This films show the value of brother.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin: Preity Zingania
Director:P.A. Arun Prasad
Music Director:Ramana Gogula
Producer:Smt Muniswari
*****Pawan Kalyan Sixth Film*****


Badri movie released in 2000.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroins: Amisha Patel, Renu Desai
Director:Puri Jagannath
Music Director:Ramana Gogula
Producer:T Trikrama Rao
*****Pawan Kalyan Seventh Film*****


Kushi film released in 2001.This is the block buster in his career through this film his create the trend and famous scene is hip scene.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin:Bhumika Chawla
Director:SJ Surya
Music Director:Mani Sharma
Producer:AM Ratnam
*****Pawan Kalyan  8th Film*****


Johny film released in 2003
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin:Renu Desai
Director:Pawan Kalyan
Music Director:Ramana Gogula
Producer:Allu Arvind
*****Pawan Kalyan 9th Film*****

9.Gudumba Shankar:

Gudumba Shankar film released in 2004
Cast:Pavan Kalyan, Meera Jasmine
Music Director:Mani Sharma
*****Pawan Kalyan Tenth Film*****

10.Balu ABCDEFG:

Balu ABCDEFG released in 2004
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin: Shreya ,Neha Oberoi
Music Director:Mani Sharma
Producer:Aswini Dutt
 *****Pawan Kalyan 11th Film*****


Bangaram released in 2006
Hero:Pawan Kalyan,
Heroin: Meera Chopra,Thrisha
Music Director:Vidya Sagar
Producer:AM Ratnam
*****Pawan Kalyan 12th Film*****


Annavaram released in 2006.This film totally based on sister sentiment.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan,
Heroins:Asin, Sandhya
Director:Bheemineni Srinivasarao
Music Director:Ramana Gogula
Producer:NV Prasad, Paras Jain
*****Pawan Kalyan 13th Film*****


Jalsa released in 2008
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroins: Ileana, Parvathi Melton, Kamalini Mukherjee
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad
Producer:Allu Aravind
*****Pawan Kalyan 14th Film*****

14.Komaram Puli:

Komaram Puli (Puli) released in 2010.2 years are taken for doing this film.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan,
Heroins: Nikesha Patel and Shriya Saran
Director:S J Surya
Music Director:A R Rahman
Producer:Singanamala Ramesh
*****Pawan Kalyan 15th Film*****

15.Theen Maar:

Theen Maar film released in 2011
Hero: Power Star Pawan Kalyan,
Heroins: Trisha and kriti kharbanda
Director: Jayant C Paranji
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Producer:Bandla Ganesh Babu
*****Pawan Kalyan 16th Film*****

16. Panja:

Panja film also released in 2011.All Songs are melody songs.
Cast:Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania
Music Director:Yuvan Shankar Raja
Producer:Sanghamitra arts and Arks Media Banners
*****Pawan Kalyan 17th Film*****

17. Gabbar Singh:

Gabbar Singh Movie Released in 2012
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin:Shruti Haasan
Director:Harish Shankar
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad
Producer:Bandla Ganesh Babu
*****Pawan Kalyan 18th Film*****

18. Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu:

Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu Movie also released in 2012
Cast:Pawan Kalyan and Tamanna
Director:Puri Jagannath
Music Director:Mani Sharma
Producer:DVV Danayya
*****Pawan Kalyan 19th Film*****

19. Attarintiki Daredi:

Attarintiki Daredi released in 2013 and turned super hit at box-office.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroins: Samantha and Praneetha
Director:Trivikram Srinivas
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad
Producer:BVSN Prasad
*****Pawan Kalyan 20th Film*****

20. Gopala Gopala (Oh My God)

This film in Telugu titled as Gopala Gopala and it is a remake of Hindi film Oh My God and this flick released in 2015.
Heros:Pawan Kalyan,Victory Venkatesh
Heroin: Shreya
Director:Kishore Kumar Pardasani
Music Director:Anup Rubens
Producer:Sharath Marrar

*****Pawan Kalyan 21st Film*****

21. Sardaar-Gabbar Singh

This film is titled as sardar Gabbar Singh it is a remake of hindi film Dabang-2 and this released in 2016.
Hero:Pawan Kalyan
Heroin:Kajal Agarwal
Director:Boby(KS Ravindra)
Music Director:Devi Sri Prasad
Writer:Pawan Kalyan
Producer:Sharath Marrar,Pawan Kalyan
*****Pawan Kalyan 22nd Film*****


Pawan Kalyan’s 22nd film titled as katamarayudu.The movie is being directed by kishore kumar pardasani and shruthi hasan is the heroine. Anup rubens is composing the music.It is the remake of Ajith movie veeram. The movie is slated to release for Ugadi on March 29, 2017.
23.*****Pawan Kalyan 23rd Film*****
Pawan Kalyan 23rd film planning with director Trivikram and started this one in november 5,2016 and music composed by Anirudh Ravichander

How Many Members Know Complete Movies List Of Pawar Start Pawan Kalyan

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Constructors and Methods are the heart for our programming languages like javca,, etc Any developer first know the value of constructors and methods and what are the difference between method and constructors.How it can be placed in programming development.

Best Description about Constructors in object oriented programming

In object oriented Programming(oops) have many important topics in this constructors is the one of the good topic.Constructors is most relavent asking question in interview purpose for fresher/experience candidates,the frequently asking questions are what is static constructor and dynamic constructor what are the differences.

In constructors we hava two types
1.Static Constructor
2.Dynamic Constructor
Static Constructor:It is Common for all like college name.
Dynamic Constructor:It is Individuals for all like student rollno.
The following Questions and Answers are give a datail explanation about constructors.

1)what is constructor?

Ans:constructor is a member of a class which is special type of function

2)constructor can have any return type?

Ans:constructor will not return any value.So it will not have return type.

3)Features of Constructor?

Ans:1.class name and construtor name should be same

2.constructor can contain parameters

3.constructor can invoke automatically when an object is created.

4)what is instance constructor?

Ans:while defining a constructor if we did not use static keyword it is called as instance constructor.

5)what is the purpose of instance constructor?

Ans:purpose of instance constuctor is to initialize instance variables.

6)instance constructors can contain parameters or not?

Ans:instance constructor can contain parameters

7)what is static constructor?

Ans:while defining a static constructor if we have used static keyword which is called as static constructor.

8)what is purpose of static constructor?

Ans:static constructor purpose is to initialize instance variables.

9)How to initialize static variable?

Ans:By using static constructor.

10)When we will go for static variable?

Ans:Whenever we want to represent a comman value for all objects we will declare as a static variable.

11)When class will be loading and when class will be unloading?

Ans:Whenever CLR required to execute any part of the class then it will load concern class from application to CLR.
Whenever application execution is completed then all the classes will be unloading.

12)static constructor is a parameterized or parameterless constructor?

Ans:static constructor is a parameterless constructor

13)When static constructor will invoke?

Ans:when class is loading static constructor will be invoke automatically.

14)When instance constructor will invoke?

Ans:when object is created instance constructor will be invoke

15)How many static constructors in one class?

Ans:A class can contain only one static constructor because by default it is a parameterless constructor.

16)If a class is having one instance constructor and one static constructor which will execute first?

Ans:First static constructor will execute next instance constructor will execute because class will load first then object will create.

Example for static constructor and instance constructor

class Employee
static Employee()
internal Employee()
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Best Tutorial of Constructors in OOPS

By kandi kasi ratnamma

What are the Updated Java Keywords in 2016

Keywords are the heart of any programming language they play main role in developing friends first we have to concentrate on java keywords and how many keywords are there in java and what are the keywords and how they work.When and where we can use these keywords properly in our java language.
Java Keywords

Java Keywords in Java

Hi friends, Anyone know the count of keywords in java? and also how these keywords work? and when it can be applicable properly in developing program?.I think some one knows and some ones don't know. That's why we are look our blog! no problem, who are want java keywords for these peoples i place keywords in proper manner and also give best explanation about these keywords.

  1. Abstract
  2. Assert
  3. Boolean
  4. Break
  5. Byte
  6. Case
  7. Catch
  8. char
  9. class
  10. const
  11. default
  12. do
  13. double
  14. else
  15. enum
  16. extends
  17. final
  18. finally
  19. float
  20. for
  21. goto
  22. if
  23. implements
  24. import
  25. instanceof
  26. int
  27. interface
  28. long
  29. native
  30. new
  31. package
  32. private
  33. protected
  34. public
  35. return
  36. short
  37. static
  38. strictfp
  39. super
  40. switch
  41. synchronized
  42. this
  43. throw
  44. throws
  45. transient
  46. try
  47. void
  48. volatile
  49. while
  50. continue 
Here I shared total 50 keywords but all of you don't know about following words
  1. True 
  2. False 
  3. Null
These above 3 true,false&null called pre-defined literals these 3 are not a keywords in java.
In java, one keyword is not used in java that keyword is Goto.This keyword is not used in java because by using this we can get a pointers concept in java its so difficulty that's why we are not used in java .Oracle also deprecated Goto keyword from java.
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3.Logical interview questions for freshers.

Updated Keywords in Java And Usage Of Java Keywords

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Today I would like to write about master pages in in these we are placed how to add master page to the solution explorer and how to add child pages to solution explorer with examples.

Master Pages in

Master Pages

  • Whenever we want to have common header and common footer with in multiple pages of a web site then we can go for a Master Page implementation.
  • For example Let us assume we are developing a website with 10 pages, All the web pages are having same header and same footer instead of designing same header and same footer with in 10 pages, We will design a master page with the common header and common footer once then the master page we can consume that by that 10 pages which are called as child pages.
  • To develop a master page we have a predefined template called master page.

How To Add Master Page To The Solution Explorer

Step 1: Open solution explorer
Step 2: Select application name, Right click add new item
           It will open add new item window
           Here we are select a predefined template called Master page 
           click add button with this process one master page will be added to the solution explorer                    window  
ASP.Net extension of the master page will be master. Every page will be .Master
Every master page mainly representing with 2 files
1. .Master
2. .Master.cs
1. .Master:
                 This file will support two modes
                  a) Design Mode
                  b) Source Mode

Structure of the Master Page source window(.master)

<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
    <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="head" runat="server">
<body style="height: 182px">
    <form id="form1" runat="server">
         <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="ContentPlaceHolder1" runat="server">

2. Master.cs:
                 It will contain the business logic of the master page

Structure of the Master Page  Class File(.master.cs) 

public partial class MasterPage : System.Web.UI.MasterPage
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


How To Add Child Page To The Solution Explorer

Step 1: Open solution explorer 
Step 2: Select web application name right click select add new item
           It will open a add new item window
           Here select a template called web form click add button
Step 3: Here check the below check box like 
           Select master page
           Click add button
           It will open a window like select a master page. Here select a file MasterPage.master
           Click ok button
With the above process MasterPage will be add to a child page called webform1.aspx
as well as a child page called webform1.aspx will added to solution explorer window

Structure of the Child Page .aspx code window

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default2.aspx.cs" Inherits="Default2" %>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
    <form id="form1" runat="server">

Structure of the Child Page .aspx.cs

public partial class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


Are you looking for more articles on .net I wrote More Articles on C#.Net and Asp.Net i think those also helpful to you.

Brief Description About Master Pages In .Net

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Twitter Usage

How to find Business Related Customers Easily Using Twitter

We are containing social Media Networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace etc .All are helpful to increase website traffic and increase business sales. Here we are discussing about the topic is How Twitter is helpful to get more clients within less time and How I find genuine/real user in twitter. Previous it is critical thing for us but now we are easily find active user in twitter.

You are looking for following managers in world for getting More dealings in your business but unable to find active managers in twitter. We have an option to find users directly type keywords in search box but it gives the result is not sufficient and not useful.
search in twitter

so for getting sufficient result just use ManageFlitter Now Look Up How ManageFlitter Works and How to Use ManageFlitter etc.

Step by Step procedure for finding active user through ManageFlitter

  • Signup Manage Flitter Account using twitter mailid and password.
  • Click On Connect Twitter (It Connect Automatically)
  • After connecting click on Search
plans ManageFlitter
I Display Some premium and free for training pupose select after using free trail you are satiesfied with this one just go for premium.
Twitter search in ManageFlitter
In Search right you have refine button click on that you get following
  • Bio
  • Latest Tweet
  • Name 
  • Username
  • Website 
  • Location
serach for users in Twitter
In the above I choose Bio and Place My niche Keyword “Managers” and also place Location “Hyderabad”
  • Only verified accounts
  • Only popular accounts
  • Only active accounts
In the above I choose “Only Active Users”
  • Followers: 1000
  • Following
  • Twits
In The above I place 1000 followers 
  • Add Bio Keyword (Your target audience Keyword)
  • Add your target location
  • Add how many followers you want
  • Submit your request
After submission it can be display your search related customers 
user display ManageFlitter

Now follow unique customers

The above all my selection are for finding active and More followers accounts in twitter through this one I will get genuine and real managers in my particular location easily.

This is very helpful to getting business related customers also getting freelancers etc.

The Free Version of ManageFlitter has an opportunity to follow 50 accounts per Day. Now I Use Only One free version because I have only one website you have more website better to go for premium.

If you feel this article is helpful to others please share because sharing is caring. Thanks for spending your time on reading on my post. you have any doubts feel free to comments on below post.

Are you Ready for Getting Business Related Clients Through Twitter

By kandi kasi ratnamma
Blogger creation
Blogger is the most interesting and useful technique. Push your fashion in your own way this is the main strategy of Blogger. Blogger is easy to create and easy to maintain. Through Blogger you have an opportunity to place you own ideas and share your ideas with your friends. Now everything is depending on internet whatever the information you want just search on search Engines (Google, Bing, internet explorer, and MSN etc). The overall data is uploaded through word press, blogger and many more. Blogger don’t have any setup charges it free to use. So you want to share your ideas learn how to create blogger and start your own blogger. you want any information about blogger update my future posts.

Below I place step by step instructions with photo gallery about blogger creation and post in Blogger.

How to create Blogger

1. Login to your Gmail Account.
2. Right side of your Gmail Account just clicks on Google apps icon on those select Blogger option.

Blogger Gmail

3. After selecting blogger just click create new blog button.

Blogger creation in Gmail

4. Fill the Title and Blog address (Based on your interest)
Blogger create in search engines

Example: suppose you want create post on News place title as Daily News and Address Dailynewsinindia (Check your address availability getting Ok).

Title: Daily News
5. After fill Blog title and address just click on Create Blog.
6. Now Blog is ready.

How to create Post in Blogger

1. Just Click on New Post
2. Place your title and Description
Blogger Post

3. Description with images gives best clarity so try to place unique images.
4. Next Add labels 
5. Browser take Default link address are you want to place another just Goto permalink->select custom link->set your link in web.
6. In these have a opportunity to schedule time of post Goto schedule->set date and time.
7. After filling all your data just click on Publish button.
8. Next see your post click on view blog/view post.
Overview of Blogger

Step By Step Blogger Creation For Begginers

By kandi kasi ratnamma

Bulk SMS Logo

Why Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing
Today’s world is Digital World everything is depending on internet and digital media. I mean everything in the world is buying, selling, and promoting many more. Would you like to promote business or maintaining relationship with customers you are using anyone of the tool in market. But now we are having more marketing tools for business promotion like email marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing Many More. In those how will you choosing the best one. All are have unique identity in market and play an important role in market. How you are rectifying you are selected one is the best. Depending on our requirement we are choosing best among all.

Today’s marketers following strategy is do more, while staying in budget. Bulk SMS is the first solution to satisfy marketer’s strategy .Present Bulk SMS is the competitive tool in marketing, some of the business professional treat bulk sms is the vital marketing tool for his business because bulk sms is a cheap in cost and easy to create, easy to maintain, reliable, flexible, robust, reseller, customer friendly, and ROI (Return On Investment).

Bulk SMS is used for brand promotion, sending informative and transactional messages, maintaining relationship with customers, sending festival wishes many more.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for Short-Message-Service; it is a text message sending from one mobile device to another mobile device. Bulk SMS is Sending an SMS to large recipients at once. Bulk SMS can be used by business owners, training institutes, schools, colleges, marketing agencies who are wishing to communicate with more customers at a time.
Bulk SMS Meaning

You can use Bulk SMS for sending wishes, reminders, alert notifications, coupon offers, confirm booking, ticket details, class timings, time table, and marks memo list etc.

Bulk SMS Marketing types?

Bulk SMS Marketing can be done in two ways.

1. Promotional Bulk SMS.
2. Transactional Bulk SMS.

Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional Bulk SMS is the sending promotional SMS to Large numbers at a time. It can be used for sending promotional messages. In promotional route we are having an opportunity to send promotional messages like offers, wishes, reminders, alerts, and prices etc.
Promotional Bulk SMS Marketing

Promotional bulk SMS Features:

1. Sending SMS between 9am-9pm only.
2. Using gateway options.
3. Credits are not applicable for DND.
4. Have a facility to use 160 characters in one SMS.
5. Create More Sender Id’s using 6 digit numeric only.
6. Don’t have any setup charges in promotional route.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS is the sending informative and transactional messages. Now we are also use Transactional route for business promotion purpose. In transactional we are sending Meeting scheduled information, Bank Account alerts or reminders or deposited and withdraw details, and wishes etc.
Transactional Bulk SMS Marketing

Transactional Bulk SMS Features

1. Message sends to both DND and Non-DND.
2. Send SMS at any time (24 hours working).
3. Have a facility to use 160 characters in one SMS.
4. Create sender Id’s using 6 digit numeric only.
5. Don’t have any setup charges in Transactional route.
6. Placing high priority and low priority gateway options.

What are the Advantages of Bulk SMS?

1. We are saving messages in the form of Templates.
2. Create groups for contacts; those are helpful to upload user data at a time.
3. Having advanced facility to upload data in the form of Excel Sheet.
4. Reseller account Creation.
5. Affordable Cost.
6. Sending SMS to anyone.
7. We are Schedule the SMS.
8. Seeing 7 Days History of Bulk SMS Process at any time.
9. Seeing SMS status it is Delivered or not delivered, either in process or not in coverage etc.
10. Instant delivery.
11. Instant response from customer.
12. Time Saving process.
13. Reaching customers guarantee.
14. Easy to create.
15. Easy to use.
16. Easy to maintain.
17. Return on Investment.
18. Direct Communication.
19. Target fans of your brand.
20. Many more.

What are the Disadvantages of Bulk SMS?

1. In Promotional route we are unable to send SMS to DND Numbers.
2. Messages not delivery when mobile in Not Coverage area.
3. Limit for credits usage.
4. Having restriction in using 160 Characters.
5. Spam Detection.

Finally what I am saying is SMS marketing cheapest in cost and more profitable in business so try for your business and get instant traffic /result.You are getting any errors on your bulk sms account through bulk sms gateway directly sen mail to gateway. I always update the latest updates of SMS marketing in future posts, thanks for reading my post and you feel it is helpful please share to your friends through social media networks and I am doing any mistake or you want to give any suggestions please comment on comment box.

Detailed Explanation about Bulk SMS Marketing

By kandi kasi ratnamma